History of the Program:

Pine Creek High School opened in 1998. Coach Scott Apodeca-Epper was the coach for the first few years, leading the team to the 4A Quarterfinals in the inaugural year of the program. Coach Corley took over as the head coach in 2001. From 2001-2005 the team competed in the 4A classification (5A is the largest school classification, 4A the second largest, and 3A the smallest). In 2005 the team advanced to the Semifinals. The 2006 season was the first year that Pine Creek moved up to 5A and advanced to the second round of the playoffs that year. The 2012 season the team advanced to the 5A Quarterfinals, setting the foundation for the ultimate success the following year when the team won the 2013 5A State Championship. On the back of that success, the team made it to the Quarterfinals in 2014. Other than the 1999 and 2000 seasons, the school has qualified for the post-season every year. Currently, the top two teams in the Colorado Springs Metro League advance to the 32 team bracket playoffs. There are 7 teams in the CS Metro League. The seeding of the 32 playoff teams is based on an RPI system. Additional CS Metro League teams can qualify for the playoffs based on the RPI, but the top two teams are guaranteed qualification. Once in the 32 team bracket, it is single elimination, so the State Champion has to win 5 consecutive games.